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Wave Solder pallet

-Light weight compared to aluminum
-Provide thermal protection for PCB areas that are heat sensitive
-Eliminate solder skipping and reduces rework
-Allow processing of odd-shaped PCB's through conveyor system
-Increase assembly production by eliminating hand gluing and masking operations
-Assure easy,safe,cost-effective handling of PCB

Wave Solder pallet

Prior Plastic is one of the most professional manufacturer of wave solder pallets and reflow solder pallets in China. Each one of our pallet is custom designed to meet our client's requirements. Just tell us your ideas,our experienced engineers will offer the best solution for you.

Our advantages

-Price: With our own pallet materials and CNC machines, we can provide the most competitive price to our clients.

-Quality: With rich production experience, our pallets have been widely approved by our clients both home and abroad. The precision can be controled within -/+0.02mm

-Lead time: 3-5 days for samples, 7-10 days for bulk order.

-Professional sales team: Our sales engineer know well about material&machining. You can discuss any engineering issue with us freely.

We can also design pallets as per client's requirement. Below information are necessary for the pallet design.

1.2D drawing(.dwg or PDF) or 3D drawing(.STEPor .IGS) of wave solder pallets

2.Gerber file of  PCB bare board+ Loaded PCB sample(PCB board with electronic components)

5 ways to maximize the life of solder pallet fixture

What are the most important things to pay attention to while using solder pallet fixture?

1. Gentle care and proper handling. Fracture damage most often occurs while transferring the unit. To avoid damage to the protective wall, as well as other parts of the solder pallet fixture, it is important to have a dedicated management position.

2. Store the solder pallet fixtures in an upright position. Deformations can be happened if the unit is improperly stored. To avoid deformations caused by stacking it is recommended that units be stored on shelves.

3. Avoid strong acid and alkali contact. Exposure to strong acids or bases will easily corrode the solder pallet fixture. To avoid this a neutral flush is recommended.

4. Avoid using alcohol and alcohol-based cleaning agents. Saponifiers are the recommended cleaning agent.

5. Shockproof transportation. Units can receive shock damage while being transported through the A shockproof cart is recommended.