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Solder Pallet Series
  • ESD Durostone
    ESD Durostone

    Weight Table of ESD durostone Size (MM)Weight(KG/PC)Size (MM) Weight(KG/PC) 3 x 1020 x 12207.0910 x 1020 x 122023.64 4 x 1020 x 12209.4612 x 1020 x 122028.37 ...

  • ESD Ricocal
    ESD Ricocal

    Weight Table of ESD Ricocal Sheet Size (mm) Weight(KG/PC) Size (mm) Weight(KG/PC) 3 x 1020 x 1220 7.84 10 x 1020 x 1220 26.13 4 x 1020 x 1220 10.45 12 x 1020 x 1220 ...

  • FR4/G10

    Size(WidthxLength):1020x1220mm,1220x2440mm Thickness: 0.3-100mmThis product is a kind of laminated board formed through heat pressing after the electric industry fiolax cloth dips into epoxy resin. It is suitable as the mechanical, electric and electronic insulation structural components which are used under room and middle temperatures with a certain mechanical performance and electric performance requirement.

  • Bakelite

    Size(WidthxLength):1040x2080mm Thickness:3-60mm Bakelite sheet,also called phenolic paper laminated sheet.It is formed by heat pressing after the paper pulp dip into phenolic resin. It is the most common laminated sheet.It is also the most widely used industrial laminated sheet.

  • Holddown Clamp
    Holddown Clamp

    -Designed specifically for use in wave solder operations-Mostly made from molded plastic part, spring, screws and sleeve.-Working temperature: 200 degree, max 280degree (10~20s).-The action is to press PCB board to protect it from floating and lifting under wave solder process so as to create excellentsolder tin.

  • Titanium Plate
    Titanium Plate

    Size(WidthxLength):1030x2100mm Thickness: 1mm,1.5mm,2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mmTitanium is a new metal material. With stable chemical properties, good high temperature and low temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, high strength and low density, it is named as ''space metal''.

  • Fiber Glass Stiffner/Tin Flow Block Bar
    Fiber Glass Stiffner/Tin Flow Block Bar

    Our fiber glass block has below sizes available. There are white and black colors.8*8*2000mm10*10*2000mm10*12*2000mm10*15*2000mmIt is a new material made by reinforced glass fiber.Due to high production volume and excellent performance,it has replaced side strips which are made by bakelite and FR4 material.It is specially used in wave solder pallet,PCB fixture and jigs. The main function is to block...

  • Wave Solder pallet
    Wave Solder pallet

    Prior Plastic is one of the most professional manufacturer of wave solder pallets and reflow solder pallets in China. Each one of our pallet is custom designed to meet our client's requirements. Just tell us your ideas,our experienced engineers will offer the best solution for you.Our advantages-Price: With our own pallet materials and CNC machines, we can provide the most competitive price to our clients.-Quality: With rich pr...

  • ESD CDM 68910
    ESD CDM 68910

    ESD CDM Sheet Size (MM)Weight(KG/PC)Size (MM) Weight(KG/PC) 3 x 1020 x 12207.0910 x 1020 x 122023.64 4 x 1020 x 12209.4612 x 1020 x 122028.37 5 x 1020 x...

  • Carbide End Mills