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-Good Anti-static property

-High strength and good machinability

-High temperature resistance

-Tight machining tolerance

-Chemical resistant

-Long life cycle


Size(WidthxLength): 1020x1220mm,1220x2440mm


Durostone is a composite material made of glass fiber mat and high mechanical strength resin. With good performance against electric arc and tracking, it is an ideal material for solder paste printing,SMT process,reflow soldering and wave soldering.Due to high hardness and strength of fiber glass, we recommend carbide or diamond toolings for machining this material. Regular replacement of the toolings is necessary. 

Durostone's function in PCB assembly
1.Avoid pollution due to human contact
2.Reduce disposal rate
3.Prevent PCB from bending
4.Standardize the width of production line
5.Impove production capacity by using muti-functional fixtures

6.Cover the SMT parts at bottom, make the partial welding available

-Wave solder pallet

-Reflow solder pallet

-Solder paste screen printing in SMT

-SMT placement

-PCB online testing jig

-Component protection

-Component insertion