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Engineering Plastics

    Size(WidthxLength):1000x2000mm,1220x2440mm,1020x3050mm Thickness:15~200mmUHMW PE is a kind of engineering plastic with medium price and superior properties. It has almost combines all excellent properties of plastics. It has excellent abrasion resistance, high impact resistance, self-lubricating properties ,outstanding ability against cold ,eco-friendly ,and light weight.

  • PTFE

    Sheet Size(WidthxLength):1000*1000mm,1200*1200mm,1500*1500mmThickness: 0.5~100mmRod Length:1000mmDiameter: 10~300mmThe chemical, electrical and thermal performance of PTFE is second to none among any other available plastics. So it is known as “the King of Plastic”. It is among the most widely used of all the fluoropolymers.

  • Delrin

    Sheet Size(WidthxLength):610x1220mm,1000x2000mmThickness:6~150mmRod Length:1000mmDiameter:6~200mmPOM is a kind of engineering plastic with good mechanical properties. POM together with UHMW PE,Nylon,PTFE are known as four most abrasion resistant plastics. It has almost the same rigidity as metal, so it’s an ideal replacement material of copper, cast zinc, steel, aluminum and other metal...

  • Nylon

    Sheet:Size(WidthxLength):1000x2000mThickness:6~100mmRod:Length:1000mmDiameter:6~400mmNylon is the most widely used engineering plastic in the current market. With its good mechanical properties, wear resistance and self-lubricating function, it is widely used in the mechanical structures and spare parts .We can also fill the glass fiber and some other fillers to improve its properti...

  • ABS

    Size(WidthxLength):1000x2000mmThickness:1~100mmABS is short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.It is a kind of engineering plastic with good comprehensive performance. ABS is widely used in many fields because of its high impact ,good strength ,and high surface hardness.

  • HDPE

    Sheet Size(WidthxLength):1000x2000mm,1220x2440mm Thickness:1~30mmRod Length:1000mmDiameter:10~300mmHDPE, the full name is high density polyethylene. The higher density improves its tensile strength ,surface hardness and heat deflection temperature. It is widely used because of its good impact resistance, nice chemical resistance, low water absorption and good resistance to UV.

  • PP

    Size(WidthxLength):1000x2000mmThickness:1~100mmPP is a non-toxic,non smell ,low density material .It has better strength ,rigidity and heat resistance than PE.Its operating temperature is about 100℃.It has outstanding electrical properties and high frequency insulating properties.As a result ,it is suitable to make the general industrial parts ,chemical resistant parts and insulation parts .